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Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering
Pmold begins every mold design with our customer‘s needs, whether these needs are faster cycle times, better part quality, or fast lead time. our team of skilled engineers has rich experience in product analysis and mold structure optimization. In order to make the communication become fluent, we build our engineering & project team with English speaking. Our philosophy is that no program is complete until the customer‘s needs have been achieved and they feel happy.

Mold Flow Analysis

Mold flow allows us to optimize the part design, mold design and manufacturing processes. We complete the mold flow job inside our factory. 

Design For Manufacturing (DFM)
DFM allows us to quickly show & discuss our design concept to customer, which saves much time during tooling design stage. 


Our multiple step approach allows us to build quality and specific customer requirements into each design. All phases are verified prior to design release to manufacturing.

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