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We only concentrating on mold making with diverse capabilities, we devoted a lot of efforts for the improvement of technology. 


Pmold Plsatic Technology Limited
Shenzhen Pmold Technology Limited

 established in 2007 in Shenzhen, China, is a leader in the design and construction of complex, precision, multi-cavity molds for the plastic injection molidng industry. We also specialized in injection molding and product developing service to keep up with customer needs.

We always devote a lot of efforts for the improvement of technology. We DESIGN and MAKE the collapsible core in our own patent which is an Germany design and precise local manufacturing.This amazing core design can realize the stability and short circle requirements of the mold with the inner circle undercuts or inner thread.

With customer orientation and production function compliance, we are capable to design and realize the special mold structure to ensure a qualified, stable and short circle time mold. Either small to a lifter design or large to a 2-K mold exchanging function between the hard and soft material, you may find our amazing design and mold function.

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